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Consolidated Armor Products, LLC is a leading manufacturer designing and fabricating customized Security, Ballistic, Architectural, and Privacy Glass. Headquartered in Dallas, our state of the art Clean Rooms and Autoclaves coupled with strict quality control measures, and quality raw materials allow us to offer our valued customers exceptional products at Manufacture Direct Prices with some of the fastest lead times in the industry. Our Houston facility, CAP Architectural, fabricates and delivers architectural glass solutions catering to customers with high-end interior projects.


CAP Armor


CAP Armor produces, the SecurGlass series, our high quality custom designed and fabricated laminated ballistic and security glass products in our own research and development lab with internal ballistic testing range and state of the art lamination clean room and autoclaves. All testing is verified by certified 3rd party independent labs. Our carefully engineered ballistic and impact materials provide unparalleled stopping power with the lowest possible material weight and investment.

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CAP Architectural


CAP Architectural offers total glass solutions. From cutting-edge to traditional designs, our products, services and commitment create impressive spaces which bring to life unique and original designs. Whether you require Magnetic Back Painted Glass Systems and Marker-boards, Back-painted Glass Wall Cladding and Panels, Composite Panels, Laminated Custom Color & Prints or Customized Etching.

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CAP Vision


CAP’s decades of experience in laminating privacy glass has taught us how to create the highest quality glass products possible thus, prolonging the life cycle of both Privacy Switchable PDLC and LED Glass. We laminate our CAP Vision Privacy products with the most advanced PDLC film technology and the highest quality raw glazing materials available delivering some of the fastest lead times in the industry.

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